GoreHound Live

by GoreHound

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Recorded live on Dec. 6, 2012; outside at The Art Institute of Austin in Round Rock, TX.


released January 2, 2013

Jacob H. - Vocals
Chris M. - Guitar/Sampling
Ryan M. - Guitar
Scott B. - Drums

Produced by: GoreHound
Mixed & Mastered by: Chris M.
Album Art: Scott B. & Chris M.




GoreHound Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Obsolete

Complain! Your life is in vein
Constantly drowned by anchor
Til the day
Brought up to life and a world of pain
How come no one asks questions
Challenging everything valuing possessions

Challenging everything valuing possessions
Now I’m obsolete from society

For now it will be
In the world I sleep
Comes terrifying dreams
Eating out of me
Now we are born
For the right we seek
To not conform
It will always be

When people…try to tell you’re obsolete
Do your best to prove them wrong
And see what your creative
I’ve seen you do wrong to so many others
Unlike them I’ll treat you the same with dishonor

I don’t understand how you can point your finger at others
For doing what they love
Never looking back on consequences
Your only doing this for the love of what you want
Try to understand where I’m coming from
You need to clear your eyes and see what’s going on
That the world around you
Can’t decide between right or wrong
The civil disobedience that we vary from
Is destine soon to part
The time is now to start
Fight for what you stand for
Or you’ll be declared
Track Name: Walkers

Dying trying to continue to exist
Living out my days in this apocalypse
Blocking out the smell of all the vile burning flesh

Make decisions
Keep yourself alive
No turning back
Choose your fate, no turning back

I’m probably going to die
Don’t trust anybody
If you want to survive
Beware of the city
Choose your fate you turning back

You’re going to be surprised
The clawing dead
Are coming for your head
Follow they’re steps and you will die

We sleep in fear we wait
Lock all doors to keep safe
The only thing in mind is staying alive
I must keep my head straight
The world to me is end

Choose your fate no turning back
Make decisions
Keep your self alive
No turning back
Choose your fate no turning back

When all of what you worked for is thrown away
The efforts and your hopes to exterminate
As they’re walking close to my life of shame
Breaking thoughts of memories crossed out the pain
Track Name: Burnt Lands

Knife comes down cuts the skin
Forming darkness let killing begin
Make you pray for the suffering to end
Hell on earth burn it down my friend

Blood flows

Your life ends tonight
We won’t leave til we get our fight
Pray to Christ that you see the light
As we cut your flesh and watch you die

Blood Flows

Lay down the hand of greed
Bloody fist drop to your knees
Lay down the head of my god
Everyone dies, your loss
Bloody mess in the street
Won’t leave until we see them bleed

Blood Flows

Bring all your enemies
Fall down and let them bleed
For all there tragedies
Bleeding eternally
Burn your land and your life
Slice your throat with a knife
Let them die for there greed
Bleeding eternally

Burn down, your life and your god
Burn down, your family and your fate

Bring all your enemies
Fall down and let them bleed
For all there tragedies
Bleeding eternally